Monday, 23 September 2013

And I really don't want Meg Ryan as a friend!

You've Got Mail is as painful as walking out of a job interview with your skirt tucked into your knickers.  Worse even.  Why? You ask.  After all Meg Ryan is a sweetie-pie running the kind of magical bookshop where Narnia could really exist.

Ms Ryan with all her books and a quaint vintage style

And Tom Hanks is always a good guy really... surely I know that?  Ol' Tommy-boy would never be the bad guy after loving Hooch the way he did, and surviving the island and all the other loveable characters can't be wrong...

But let's look at the film more closely.  Let's take apart all the soppy-gushy-pukey romance and have a ganders at the guts of the movie.  Our Meggie-Moo runs a cute little bookshop which her dead mother left to her.  Pantsy-Hanks runs a chain of large, corporate bookshops and his business has destroyed hers.  His actions have destroyed her business, her heritage, her inheritance and her memories.

Forgiveable: Yes / No.  Delete as appropriate.

If that wasn't bad enough, he manipulates her online and in her company.  He turns up in places he knows she will be, fashions answers he knows she wants to hear and basically works her into a corner until she has no escape.  The only thing genuine about his courtship is the phrase, "Go to the mattresses" as evidently he has no boundaries when pursuing something he wants to win.

Creepy man pursuing an innocent woman... Poor Meggie!
And yet by the end of the movie we're meant to be happy they're in love.  Really?  How is that true?  Why am I compelled to want her to want him?  Why would I want her to spend her life with a deceitful, cunning, manipulative, ruthless businessman with no heart for warmth and no eye for community?  Oh.  Yeah.  Probably because I don't like her...

Or I think I must have been convinced he's alright by his cute dog.

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