Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cleaning and decorating or TV?

It's the Easter holidays; I've been waiting for this for ages.  Fucking ages. Well - six weeks actually; but I have worked really hard.  Really hard.

And now it's the holidays and I have lots to do:
-Cleaning the house
-Packing up boxes for storage, charity or the tip
-Admin for school, writing and home
-Catching up with friends and family
-Trips with my children

And that's the list without even thinking about the amount of writing I want to do.

But as I sit here, I'm wondering how much I will really get done.  Will I round off the holidays in a tidy and beautiful home, typing away happily and well rested for the term ahead?

Or will I round off the holidays sat on this sofa, still in my onesie, worrying abut all the jobs I need to do and not having done any of them?

Bet now.

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